Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sunset In Monument Valley

In 2004, Himself and I took a 5 week road trip driving thru the SW states.  One of our stops was in Monument Valley.  We took a 2 hour guided tour with a Navajo guide… and that 2 hours ended up being a bit over 4 hours as we all hit it off so well.  David took us to all his favorite places not on the usual tour as we discussed many things about the Navajo culture.
We ended up ‘flying’ across the valley at the end of the day as he had to get back to take someone out on the “Sunset Tour”. 
That night, as we stayed in a traditional hogan “B&B”, we watched the valley glow with the colors of the setting sun.  It was so beautiful. 
I decided to try to capture a bit of the memory with paper art.  I used small pieces from my stash of leftover paper.  The edges were torn to soften the lines.  Then I added a bit of shading with pastels. 
I’ve never done paper art before and I’ve discovered it is a lot of fun (and challenging!).  I’ll be trying more of this for other challenges!



  1. Wonderful color combinations in your paper sunset.
    I love the SW, too. Have a good week!

  2. lovely!! I'm pretty much a "paint-with-paper" collage artist, so I know what you are saying about the fun AND the challenge part. I really like the delicate edges you've got and forgot, until I read you, how nice it is when you mix up things like pastels. thanks for the reminder and the BEautimousness of your sunset!!

  3. gthis is a terrific abstract, so colorful and you instantly think of sunset and sand. Gorgeous.

  4. This is fabulous. The colours are so bright and gorgeous, love the textures the paper creates.

  5. This is so lovely! It would be wonderful framed and hung to be viewed :0))

  6. such lovely colour combinations and use of textures... really lovely work
    T xx