Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recipe As Art

The Take A Word challenge for this week was "recipe".  Now that is right up my alley!  I love to cook. 

I decided to do a collage for my recipe of Cranberry Pie.  I had this at a friend's home in Canada and he gave me his recipe.  I entered it in a local recipe contest and was a finalist with it!  The photo was taken at the contest.  Didn't win... but I did get second place.

Heartfelt Letter

The challenge for 'Artist's Play Room' this week was Mail Art.
Hmmmmmmm...  First part of that challenge to figure out just what mail art was!  That would be art created on an envelope (I suppose a box would work too) that still allows for the envelope to be addressed and mailed.
Sounds kinda of fun... especially when I thought of the babies.  I try to send them something at least twice a month.  Wouldn't it be fun for them if I started decorating their mail? 
My next gift I'm sending is something that will fit in a flat envelope.  Since it is a Valentine's surprise, I used hearts and flowers in the collage design.  Not too bad for my first 'mail call'.  It's going to be so much fun to do more for the kids!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Travel Birds

The challenge at Collage Obsession this week is ‘maps’.  I’ve been working on a series using maps.  I call it the “Travel Birds”. 
Travel Bird #1 – This bird was the start of my series and set the theme.  The map that makes up his body shows all sorts of transportation routes… roads, rivers, air, and rail.  The background paper has all sorts of navigational aids on it. 
Travel Bird #2 – This bird has a compass star that represent “everywhere”.  The ‘flowers’ on the branch are foreign coins. 
Travel Bird #3 – The third bird represents the oceans.  The background is an old chart from the ship my husband works on.  At the time I made this, his ship was anchored in that very harbor!  The wings and tail are done in water colors.  The flower is a part of the navigational aid from the same chart. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Squash Blossom Echoes

November was way too busy for me to keep up with the “Art Every Day” challenge.  I was good until the middle of the month, then Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations took over.  So I decided to have my own version in January… “Be Creative Every Day”! 
The challenge at Three Muses for this week is “Circles”.  I felt like drawing today and that was a fun idea to work on.  My inspiration was the beautiful squash blossom necklaces made by the Navaho in Arizona. 


“Squash Blossom Echoes”


The Word for 2013

The photo challenge at Pixel Dust Photo Art was “Have you considered selecting a word to guide and inspire you throughout the year?”
That was easy! 
My word is CREATE.