Friday, November 9, 2012

Steam Punk Bottle

I’ve always thought ‘steam punk’ was kind of cool but I’ve never gotten around to doing anything with it.  So the challenge at Take A Word was just the motivation to try my hand at it.  I studied images on Pinterest, then dug thru my stash to see what I had that would work.
First find was the bottle.  I found this iridescent purple bottle in a while back in a ‘junk store’.  Then I dug out some little cogs, foreign coins, bits of lace (which I tea dyed), a piece of diachronic glass, and some copper I had practiced stamping on. 

This coin is from Ethiopia. 

The bottom left coin is from the USSR.  It’s an old kopek.  I think the right one is from Jordan. 

After a whole lot of arranging and rearranging, this is what I came up with.  For a first piece I’m satisfied with it.  Himself likes it a lot.


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