Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Walking Shoe Gather No Moss

As my studio makeover progresses, I'm able to actually start using it and start creating again.  I'm loving it!  To walk over and pick up what I need...from where it belongs.
Oh yeah...
Jenn's theme for the Artist's Playroom was 'shoes' and at Crafting For All Seasons was 'with a tag'.  I had a pair of Himself's boots that he left outside and 'our' silly wren made a nest in one of them.  After being lived in by a brood of birds he was no longer interested in wearing them!  So they are now mine to alter as I please.
One of my new cactus, some dried moss, plus my tag and I know have a fun piece to set near the window. 
Soon it will be cool enough to start our hikes again!


  1. What a fun & cute project! Tanks for playing at Crafting For All Seasons This Time!
    Good Luck
    Dawn xx

  2. This is a brilliant tag, thank you for joining us at Crafting for all Seasons.