Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fire Side Warm

It feels good to finally be able to spend some time creating!  At “Take A Word” the challenge this week was to do something using ‘warm colors’. 
I printed off 4 of my photos of fire for the reds and oranges in them… plus the visual ‘warm’ feeling of the fire itself.  I took these photos as my BIL Big J was preparing a “Low Country Boil” for Himself’s birthday. 
I used heavy copy paper as I wanted a soft matt look to the print.  I cut them into a 2”X6” size.  From there I played around with 3 that are a series of shots of the fire as it burned.  I mounted them as a triptych on a single piece of heavy card stock. 
The last photo I mounted as a book mark. 

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