Thursday, January 31, 2013

Heartfelt Letter

The challenge for 'Artist's Play Room' this week was Mail Art.
Hmmmmmmm...  First part of that challenge to figure out just what mail art was!  That would be art created on an envelope (I suppose a box would work too) that still allows for the envelope to be addressed and mailed.
Sounds kinda of fun... especially when I thought of the babies.  I try to send them something at least twice a month.  Wouldn't it be fun for them if I started decorating their mail? 
My next gift I'm sending is something that will fit in a flat envelope.  Since it is a Valentine's surprise, I used hearts and flowers in the collage design.  Not too bad for my first 'mail call'.  It's going to be so much fun to do more for the kids!


  1. this is so pretty and makes for a lovely gift on it's own. Great job, thanks for participating.

  2. They are going to love this! I also like the special names - seems like there are fun stories behind them:-)